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Questions of Recognition of the Radar Targets on the Basis of Experimental Data about their Reflecting Signals in a Millimetric Wave Range


K. P. Lihoedenko

In the article the new approach to the decision of a problem of definition of selective features of the moving land targets is offered. Algorithms of recognition can be constructed on the basis of use of prominent features of spectral-polarising structure of the signals reflected from objects and clutters of various types. For preparation of the initial data the radar equipment has been developed for research of selective properties of moving targets in a millimetric wave range on the basis of the analysis of their full polarising matrix of scatterimg. Experimental researches in real conditions are spent. On the basis of the received data about structure of Doppler spectrum of the reflected signals from the moving targets the analysis of results on the basis of various algorithms of signal processing. As a result new informative features of radar objects have been received. Results of adjustment and calibration of radar equipment on the basis of etalon angular reflectors are described. For definition of informative features of the real targets frequency characteristics of the reflected signals from time (spectrogram) of moving objects on caterpillar to a course and on wheel to a course have been received. Samples of spectrum were made after a low-frequency filtration of pulse sequences. Results of calculations of characteristics of recognition on quasioptimum and regression to algorithms for objects of wheel and caterpillar technics are resulted. Using of spectrogram of the reflected signals on various polarizations as selective features has allowed to carry out selection of the targets by classes. Invariancy to range and relative speed is thus provided.

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