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Measurement of the multicomponent solution permittivity at two microwave frequencies


A.Ya. Kirichenko, N.S. Anikina, V.G. Gerzhykova, G.V. Golubnichaya, O.A. Gorobchenko, T.A. Zhylyakova, О.Т. Nikolov

The measurement of multi-component water solution permittivity was performed on two frequencies of microwave range. When the frequency is varied in this range, the variation of the real part of the permittivity is almost two times higher than the variation of the imaginary one. The selection of two measurement frequencies (whose ratio is equal to four) is justified. The study of multi-component water solution was performed on twelve samples of wines, selected in the 2007 winemaking sea-son at different Ukrainian wineries and investigated in National Institute of Vine and Wine "Мagarach", Ukrainian Academy of Agricultural Science. The possibility to determine wine quality using the parameter (where and are the real parts of the permittivity at two frequencies) is shown. The part feed stock in the wine sample is described in winemaking by naturality index. . The comparison of quality criterion (determined from dielectric constant) with naturality index shows the existence of the correlation between these two parameters with high correlation coefficient 0,92. The considerable deviation of parameter from unity is presumably due to the high density of cations in wine, high value of рН and difference in others physicochemical parameters. The preformed investigation of the permittivity of dry table wines demon-strated the possibility of using the proposed method for establishing the technological rules violation during wine production.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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