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To basising on possibility of soliton interpretation of the information transmission results by use a reaction of resonance systems for external influence directly not turned on them


M. M. Bashkirov, A. G. Volobuev, I. A. Volodin, V. G. Dmitriev, V. I. Sergeev

In paper shown a possibility of substitution soliton’s solutions of cubic non-linear Schröedinger equation of a Ψ-function that attracts analogous approximation in a Hamiltonian, presenting system from two subsystems. This condition leads to a leading-out about justice soliton basing a far-action (instantaneous action at a distance), as developing processes of response of elements of resonance system (proportioned in space) on the exterior affecting immediately not converted on them. Thus, far-action can be used for an information transmitting in case such elements of the distributed resonance system will be concluded (will exist) in the classical physical resonators carried in space. It is displayed, that use soliton solutions in Hamiltonian justifies use of quadrupoles (with elements – breathers) for the far-action exposition. Thus, inclusing and use of any latent parameters, since is not required, as soliton interpretation adequately explains physics of processes and the results of model operation and experiments on an information transfer for the far-action. Given a soliton interpretation of far-action: In the presence of several (for example, two) the classical physical resonators carried in space and admitting existence in them of some soliton of formation elements, proportioned in space, it is necessary to recognise the existence validity, in such resonators, of the termed singlet elements. Then, classical resonators have the conventional singlet link. In this case, excitation of one classical resonator leads to perturbation of a matching element of a quadrupole, further – perturbation of all quadrupole and, hence, quadrupole elements, existing in other classical resonator. Perturbation of the quadrupole elements existing in the resonator on which does not appear immediate affecting, leads to excitation of such resonator, that can be fixed as response developing process on immediately not versed exterior affecting.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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