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Schmidt's full circle diagram in rectangular coordinates of the plane of the complex admittance


A. G. Onishchuk, V. A. Paltsev, D. V. Pegasin

In introduction is given overview of the development of the circular charts (CC) since 1939. It is set problem of the construction CC applicable for passive and active one-port networks (ON). The idea of construction CC follows with picture of the electrostatic field two long opposite charged point conductors, on which equipotential lines are defined by operational circumferences, which parameters are expressed by hyperbolic functions. The considered construction CC is based on reflection factor presentation in polar, but active and passive ON complex conductivities in rectangular coordinates. The relationship between ON reflection factor and space signal hyperbolic metrics, defined by quadratic form of real power is noted. The operational circumferences of the complex conductivities of passive and active ON at reflection factor presentation in generally accepted and hyperbolic forms are specified. The using ON for analysis of stability of the transistor amplifiers is considered. The operational circumferences equations of the complex conductivities for absolutely stable and potentially unstable transistors, allowing visually estimate the possibility of using transistors and ways to their stabilizations are presented.
Sept. 2, 2020
Aug. 27, 2020
June 24, 2020

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