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Problems and directions in the development of radar-tracking systems and its components


R. P. Bystrov, Yu. V. Guljaev, S. A. Nikitov, А. V. Sokolov

It is known that the determinatives influencing a sustainable development of modern radar-tracking systems and increase of their efficiency, is correct definition of technical architecture and a substantiation of their basic technical requirements. Creation of such technics will allow to provide successful functioning in difficult conditions of radio-electronic counteraction. A basis for successful realisation of radar-tracking technics of the future is the presence of advancing scientific and technical reserve. Such reserve is formed today within the limits of fundamental and basic researches in interests of a national economy and defence. The purpose of the article is the formulation of the most probable problems and ten-dencies in the developments of radar-tracking systems carrying out purposeful functions in the decision of applied problems to raise efficiency of such systems and yield modern world standards. As fundamental and basic researches in radio physics and electronics area cover a considerable quantity of various directions of development of technics of different function, in the given work on the basis of non-classified scientific and technical literature most important directions of development and perfection of the radar-tracking technics, united on a principle of the general technical properties and expected efficiency are considered. To such systems, technical elements, scientific areas of researches, and technologies, considered in article, are referred: Radio engineering systems of various deployment for supervision, detection and recognition of aero, land and surface objects; aerials, functional devices and computer facilities of radar-tracking systems.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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