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Micro- and Nanoelectronics Relating to Radar and Radio Communication Systems


R.P. Bystrov, Ju.V. Guluaev, S.A. Nikitov, А.V. Sokolov

Considering foreign and domestic sources, it is expected that rapid development of micro- and nanoelectronics will lead to revolutionary changes in creation of micro technical complexes of different applicability. All it essentially changes the character of basic classes of any activity. Huge potential get developing in nanotechnologies for their use in extremely high and various set of practical areas, beginning from manufacturing of strong and lightweight construction materials in mechanical engineering to higher time characteristics of nanostructured medicaments in blood system; for increase in memory size and speed of computers and in functional parts and devices of radio engineering and communication systems etc. Great attention, since the end of 80th, is given to researches in the field of development of carbon nanotubes as new materials for emission electronics in the V.A. Kotelnikov’s Institute of radio engineering and electronics of RAS together with the Saratov branch of the Institute. Since the same years, researches of physical properties and applicability of nanotubes in micro- and nano-electronics are being fulfilled. In this paper, in a survey form, on materials of domestic and foreign sources some questions in the field of researches of micro- and nanoelectronics regarding features of development carbon nanopipes as perspective materials in radio physics with reference to radars and radio communication systems are treated. Variants of a formulation of prospective problems and directions directed by scientific works in area of nanoelectronics with reference to radars and radio communication systems are proposed. Also, on the basis of the analysis of foreign materials on development ofcarbon nanotubes, data on these works for 2006-2009 abroad are resulted.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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