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Small Satellite «Mojaetcs-4»: Seventh Year on Orbit


V.F. Fateev, A.P. Papkov, G.V. Kremez

Small satellite «Mojaetcs-4» was launched on September 27 2003 from cosmodrome of Plesetsk. The orbit height is 693 km, inclination 98,2°, orbital period 95.81 min. The purpose of «Mojaetcs-4» launch was study of construction principals and application fields of super-small satellites. The satellite weight is 59 kg. Its shape is close to spherical of about 800 mm diameter. Control of onboard equipment is provided by terrestrial complex “Doka N”. By November 2009 the small satellite «Mojaetcs-4» has made 32945 revolutions around the Earth. The satellite is widely used in educational process in institutes of higher education of the country. Mounted onboard of «Mojaetcs-4» navigator of GLONASS/GPS user and control channel make it possible to utilize the satellite for adjustment of ground-based radars. Adjustment sessions of Doppler radar “Kalina” were fulfilled successfully. Equipment “Oblik” placed on the bottom of the small satellite is destined for experiments on laser space communication. Exploitation has shown a durability of equipment to vibrations during the satellite launch, radiation durability in the open space and reliability of operation in wide temperature range. The experiment is in progress. An experiment on testing of radiation durability of microcircuits of RAM “Prizma-2” confirms a possibility of reduction of protection by several times, that is principal at construction of super-small satellites. Now space ‘old resident’ «Mojaetcs-4» continues to work in normal mode. The temperature onboard is comfortable, 10-16°. Orientation is stable, gravitational. Power supply is sufficient. Almost all systems of the small satellite function and provide fulfillment of the assigned tasks. The authors suggest all volunteers to take part in the experiments with the small satellite on adjustment of GLONASS-GPS equipment using high-precision lidars by measuring the range to optical retroreflectors of the satellite.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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