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About the Task of Technical and Economic Substantiation for Small Space Vehicles System's Expansion and Build-Up Operations Funding


S.G. Alyabyeva, V.I. Gorbulin, J.N. Makarov, N.V. Radionov

Creation and improvement of small space vehicles (SSV) in modern time is one of the most perspective directions to development of space technologies. The achieved level of these technologies development makes it possible to design on the basis of the SSV the whole satellites systems that, for example, with the required intervals must monitor the specified areas of the earth's surface. However, techno-economic orientation problems are arise while introducing of such a space technology in limited funding conditions, such as selecting an efficient allocation of financial resources for the purchase and operation of the complex existing launch vehicles (rockets, ground infrastructure, etc..) to create the necessary satellite system by a target date. The mathematical formulation of this problem must include a set of indicators that characterize not only the technical quality of the performance target by means of SSV, but also indicators of economic efficiency of spending allocated financial resources. Such a calculation is represented in sufficiently difficult scientific and technical task, requiring a decision at the stage of the putting system into operation, when with sufficient accuracy was calculated the main parameters of a ballistic structure and determined the estimates for major expenditure on the establishment and operation of multi-satellite SSV system. In the article the correct mathematical definition of technical and economic task for design of SSV system's deployment program is defined. An elaborated methodic of this task solution allows in a continuous (terminal) mode to co-ordinate the financial flows provided for system's expansion period with functions of change of a technical condition of launch system and allows to provide the proper change of target indicators in the funding restrictions or change conditions. – Bibl. 7 items.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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