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The Modeling Stand for Small Space Vehicles Onboard Information Systems Seminatural Tests


D.V. Kirichenko, V.P. Hohlov, U.S. Zinovyev, A.A. Glushenko, K.I. Upitis

To study the functioning of the developed models of spacecraft and their components, systems, information support, as well as to formulate recommendations to improve these models and their software and algorithmic support necessary to carry out their complex tests in a real background situation. In order to reduce material costs for such testing used stands for simulation working off the ground. The paper considers the option of constructing the stand for simulation working off-board information systems of small spacecraft using funds background simulation environment based on the LCD monitor. Stand is a software-hardware system, built using modern network technology. This stand is designed to build background situation in the field of on-board information systems based on the relative spatial dynamics of the objects of observation and small spacecraft, as well as on-board system to manage its traffic. Important role in this stand, has a subsystem simulation background situation. This is due to the necessity of obtaining the maximum possible (subject to hardware limitations) the adequacy of the simulation the coordinate and non-coordinate data of all the constituent elements background environment, formed in the field of view of information means small spacecraft. Obtained using the stand simulation results suggest that it can be widely used for testing hardware and special software prototypes created by the small spacecraft.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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