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Estimation of Influence of the Error of the form on Stability of Reflective Characteristics of the Revealing Spherical Calibration Space Apparatus


V.N. Zavalii, N.P. Chernetsky, E.N. Filin, S.V. Jakubowsky

In article questions of influence of an error of the form on stability of reflective characteristics of a revealing spherical reflector of the radiation used as a calibration space apparatus at tests of radar-tracking means are considered. At designing of a revealing spherical reflector of the radiation intended for use in quality calibration of object of radar-tracking means, it is necessary to consider influence of an error of the form of a reflector (a deviation from sphericity) on its reflective characteristics. The revealing spherical reflector of radiation represents a volume design from the metal developing skeleton covered with the reflecting cloth. The error of the form of a reflector is defined by an error of spatial approximation of sphere and a casual technological making error. Besides, the reflector form is deformed in connection with deformation of its surface at the heating caused by change of its orientation concerning the Sun. For calculation of sizes of the temperature pressure arising while in service of a reflector, the method of final elements is used. It is shown that the casual error of the form and temperature distortions will define average value of the scattering cross-section, and an approximation error – fluctuations of the scattering cross-section.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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