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New Gyroscopic Effects in Electrodynamics Systems


V.F. Fateev

In present satellite orientation systems laser resonator and fiber gyroscopes are wide spread. They are based on Sagnac effect. As a starting point the tensor form of Maxwell equations is used. Influence of real gravity field is neglected. Mathematical transformations of Maxwell equations show, that all the information on medium movement and source rotation should be contained in material relationships. Analysis of obtained relationships has shown, that in case of motionless medium (V=0) and zero external electric field (E=0) a principally new results can be achieved: an observer (measurer) being rigidly connected to rotating magnetic field source (e.g. permanent magnet) can measure an induced electric field of magnitude depending on rotation speed. And on the contrary, a measurer being rigidly connected to rotating charged capacitor can register a rotation-induced magnetic field. The described phenomena radically differ from the effects of Wilson and Eihenwald by the fact of their manifestation in the absence of movement of field sources and detectors. Validation of obtained results was made by solution of wave equation with calculation of phase difference in Sagnac interferometer. Thus in conditions of rotating electric conductor with a current in the case of absence of relative movement (V=0) the rotating electric conductor is polarized. The revealed effect can be detected and measured using an electric conductor with two circular non-moving parts with opposite windings. It can be implemented as a bifilar electric conductor with opposite direction of current in parallel wires. In this case one part of circular electric conductor has positive charge and another – negative. Conclusion The fact of presence of the new effects authenticates, that electromagnetic field of arbitrary frequency from static to light waves, is a carrier of inertial non-rotating reference coordinate system. This gives a hope to create a new gyroscopic instruments for satellites. Studies of the author published in [3, 4, 5, 12] has shown a real possibility of experimental measurement of these effects. The problems of engineering implementation of gyroscopes on the basis of the discussed effects will be published separately.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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