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About Designing of the Light Spherical Satellites Group Meant for Antiballistic and Space Surveillance Radars Calibration


A.P. Bondarenko, A.A. Kuriksha, S.A. Sukchanov, V.F. Fateev

The satellites with fixed orbital parameters and radar cross-section (RCS) are needed for the alignment and calibrating of space surveillance radars (SSR). It is evident that sphere is the best form for the calibrating target. The best diameters and heights of orbits are dependent on wavelengths, used in SSR, their energetic potential and required satellite time of flight. It is justified in paper that it is better to take the sizes of spheres near by local maximums of the dependences RCS at the typical SSR wavelengths on the sphere diameter. The paper contains the calculation date of the energetic potential required to calibrate SSR with different wavelengths at different sphere sizes and different heights of orbits.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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