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The analysis and optimization of a diffraction antenna of surface wave


A.V. Ostankov

It was implemented an effective numerical model of a linear antenna. The principle of the function of the antenna is based on the phenomenon of transformation of surface wave in a dielectric waveguide into volume wave through the comb structure. The latter structure is simulated by a finite number of grooves of rectangular profile, performed in a conducting screen. In the assumption of excitation wave of a dielectric wave guide by a non-uniform the diffraction problem is reduced by a method of Fourier to the system of linear equations concerning partial waves of grooves. The model takes into account the edge effects, the arbitrary accommodation of, in general, different size grooves. The calculated dependence are given to allow us to select parameters of equidistant comb structure (the thickness of the waveguide, value of an air slot, step and depth of the grooves), which provide for fixed frequencies the maximum efficiency of the antenna (the product of antenna factor the efficiency coefficient) at the actuation of the dielectric waveguide by the main E- and H-wave. The possibility and prospects of using the developed model in conjunction with genetic algorithm for optimizing the radiation characteristics of the antenna and parametric synthesis of the comb and the antenna as a whole are also shown. The results of the optimization of comb profile (depths of grooves) by criterion of maximum efficiency of the antenna and minimum of minor-lobe level of the orientation diagram are obtained. The results confirm the possibility of creating the optimal amplitude distribution in the aperture at the expense of contouring comb (with a uniform gap between dielectric waveguide and comb), that can be used for the implementation of antennas with improved technical and technological characteristics.

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