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Aperture Synthesizing Taking Account of Forward and Circular Antenna Phase Center Movement


B.G. Tatarsky, E.V. Maystrenko

Features of processing trajectory signal, formed during aperture synthesizing taking account of forward and circular antenna phase center (APC) movement are considered in this article. It’s supposed that radar system carrier moves directionally by forward trajectory with constant speed and, besides, additional circular APC movement around carrier’s center of mass is executed. Observable object is fixed pin-point target. While studying trajectory signal formation features it’s considered that on-board radio system operates in continuous radiation mode. It’s also supposed that APC moves in the picture plane directionally in a circle around radar system carrier’s center of mass with constant speed. Trajectory signal processing is based on optimum algorithm. Analysis of processing system output signal modification is carried out. Consideration of output signal without noise input effect is conducted, that is potentials of combined synthesizing mode are examined. In this case processing system output signal represents ambiguity function of trajectory signal. The main attention during ambiguity function analysis was concentrated on consideration of function’s section structure dependence on ratio of forward and circular APC movement velocities, forward movement azimuth direction, duration of coherent integration, and also ambiguity functions comparison at forward, circular, and combined versions of APC movement. The main purpose of this research is comparative analysis of synthesizing processes at forward and combined APC movement, and detection of achievements at underplaying surface radar image formation due to additional synthesizing aperture increment at APC rotation.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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