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The Statistical Characteristics of Estimations of Heights of Points of a Relief of District Formed by Interferometric SAR in Jamming Conditions


I. F. Kupryashkin, V. P. Likhachev, N. A. Usov

In job the questions of functioning interferometric SAR in jamming conditions are considered. The purpose of job is the estimation of efficiency of functioning interferometric SAR in jamming conditions which are carried out on the basis of the analysis of the statistical characteristics of estimations of heights of points of a relief of district within the limits of a stage of shooting. For achievement of the specified purpose in clause the parities specifying communication of meanings of a phase difference of readout of the complex radar images of interferometric pair with meanings, describing conditions of shooting of a terrestrial surface and accommodation of a source of noise are defined. Further with use of these parities the character of transformations of a kind of density of distribution of an estimation of a phase dif-ference is defined, that allows to receive expressions for density of distribution of estimations of heights of points of district formed in single-pass and repeat-pass modes of shooting of a relief of a terrestrial surface. In both cases the distribution of estimations of heights submits to the Student’s distribution with two degrees of freedom not having than the central moments is higher first. In this connection as measures of their disorder such characteristics of distribution are chosen, as probable error, the expressions for which are given in job. The analysis of these expressions has shown, that, as against repeat-pass mode, in a single-pass mode change of disorder of estimations of heights of points with growth of their remoteness from the SAR carrier has the brightly expressed periodic character, i.e. is defined not only parity of noise and backscattering signal of a permitted element of a terrestrial surface levels, but also their mutual accommodation.
May 29, 2020

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