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The Aeriel Devices Complex for Registration of Electric Field Intensity Variations at Meteotron Installation Work


А. A. Kuznetsov, N. G. Konopasov

Fires of large forests, ternaries, chemical substances and oil wells local ignitions are sources of the heated jets, organizing the thermal columns. Frequency of the basic harmonic of a thermal column cross fluctuations does not exceed value 1 Hz [1, 2] and concerns to a scantily studied «extremely – low frequencies» (ELF) range. Object of research are the compound flame torch and the vertical heated jet, modeling extreme situations in the form of the powerful located fires. The purpose of work – creation of an aerial devices complex for registration the local electric field intensity long-wave variations, arising at meteotron work installation. Proceeding from the formulated precise general requirements to the reception channel of ELF range, forms, orientations and ar-rangements of aerial devices vibrators are chosen. At use of the general typical circuit of measurements and registration are offered 14 measuring channels forming in a complex aerial field by the area about 5.103 m2. Frequency characteristics of reception channels practically completely "covers" a range of frequencies 0,01 … 40 Hz. Appearance, the description and the basic characteristics of reception measuring channels for reception and registration of electric field component intensity variations at meteotron installation work in a range of frequencies 0, 03 – 20 Hz are given. One of experiences record diagram and some results of the diagrams spectral analysis are shown. At the analysis of measuring channels characteristics appeared, that for ranges of frequencies is higher 0,08 Hz spectral levels on the ground, underground and underwater channel correspond as 10:1:0,7, accordingly. Thus, application of the underground and underwater aerials protected from influence of weather factors by filtering properties of habitats (a ground, water), qualitatively allows not only to allocate a generated signal but also to displace a maximum of the channel amplification in a low-frequency range of researches. At meteotron work on a constant mode «shunting effect» thermal column on a unitary component of Earth electric field intensity variations on about – zero frequencies is marked.
May 29, 2020

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