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Theoretical Research of Frequency Characteristics and Temperature Drift High-Power Quantum-Well Lasers with λ = 0,85 – 1,05 mkm Microns at Direct Microwave of Modulation


D. F. Zaitsev

The theoretical research of temperature drift of phase and frequency characteristics, and also time delay of continuous and pulse signals in high-power quantum-well InGaAs lasers are resulted at direct microwave of modulation is development. For the first time the developed analytical device considers features of work high-power quantum-well lasers in a static and dy-namic mode and allows to count temperature drift and a delay of the microwave of modulating signals with sufficient accuracy for engineering calculations. Recommendations at the choice of operating modes and are given to definition of necessary accuracy of systems of temperature stabilization for reduction of phase drift and a delay of the microwave of a signal by an output high-power quantum-well lasers. Directly modulated high-power quantum-well lasers can find application in transferring pathes nanophotonics send-receive modules AESA, in transmitters of systems of a radio-fibre (RoF), including systems of the broadband wireless Internet with the big cover zone (WiMAX) and in the open laser communication.
May 29, 2020

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