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Time-and-Frequency Transformations of Super Broadband Signals by Radio Systems with Linear Antenna Arrays


O. E. Popova, S. N. Razin’kov

On the basis of generalized time-and-frequency representation of non-harmonic processes at the analytical description of aerials and entrance circuits of the receiver pulse transitive characteristics investigate angle-time-and-frequency characteristics of reception super broadband signals by radio systems with linear antenna arrays. These characteristics are defined as angular dependences of the current spectral density of complex amplitudes of electric-movement forces directed on an input of the receiver by a foreign electric field. The signal in the reception channel of radio system is represented as Duamele integral from the sum of signals on outputs of ele-ments of array with pulse transitive characteristics for reception structures of resonant and band types. Parameters of antenna-feeding system are good quality, own and resonant frequencies elements and a pass-band of a feeder. At calculation of angle-time-and-frequency characteristics of reception signals on outputs of array are determined as Foure integrals from their spectral density. The analysis of laws of transformation of equivalent duration of radio impulses with rectangular, exhibitor and Gauss bending around is carried out depending on the geometrical sizes of array, such as its elements, a kind and parameters of stimulating influences. Quantitative estimations of decrease of pulse lateral radiation are received in comparison with a level of lateral petals of diagrams of an orientation антенных the systems raised by narrow-band radio signals
May 29, 2020

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