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Manufacturing Technique and Coaxial Ceramic Resonators Practical use in Microwave Devices


V. A. Kozlov, A. L. Kunilov, Yu. A. Svetlakov, A. Yu. Sedakov, L. S. Uhvatova, D. R. Shishkin

One of the main trends of using the microwave ceramics is creation of coaxial ceramic resonators applied when designing high-stable band-pass filters and frequency stabilized semiconductor active oscillators. Commercial resonators assortment does not always meet technical requirements of the development engineers. The paper presents the results of developing production technique for coaxial ceramic resonators meeting the technical requirements of microwave devices designers at production facilities of FSUE «FRPC NIIIS named after Yu.Ye. Sedakov». Examples of the manufactured resonators being a part of the narrow-band filters and stable powerful active oscillator practical use show high efficiency of their use in the equipment under development.

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