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The Experimental Investigation of Radiation Properties of Antennas on the Basis of Symmetrical Slot Line


E. L. Varentsov, A. A. Danilov, I. A. Illarionov, A.V. Kashin

Results of theoretical and experimental investigation of radiation of the antennas on the basis of symmetrical slot line (tapered slot antennas) with 1.5-8GHz and 2.2-13.5GHz frequency bands are presented in the paper. Both models are produced from dielectric with ε = 2,2 and different substrate thickness: model 1–2.9 mm and model 2–1.5 mm. The purpose of investigation was the optimization of radiation characteristics of the antenna such as gain and VSWR. The simple method of designing of the transition microstrip to slot line is suggested. The transition uses the sectorial stub. The selection of dimensions of stubs occurs with numerical analysis and approximate equivalent circuit. Experimental and theoretical results are agreed well.

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