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Microwave Antennas with Broadened Bandwidth


A.V. Kashin, A.Yu. Sedakov, E.A. Shorokhova

Development of small size microwave antennas having broadened bandwidth for today is an actual scientific-and-technical task as its successful solution causes future development of various function air born instruments. This paper presents the review of different type microwave broadband and super-broadband antenna systems possessing minimal mass-overall characteristics. There are considered notch and scimitar antennas not providing the super-broadband frequency range, but they are reliable, strong and rather easy-to-implement; microstrip antennas require more high-tech approach when manufactured, but they are more space saving; antennas on the basis of symmetric slot line providing rather broad passband; various fractal antennas and arrays made of them opening up great possibilities of using them as multiband antennas. It is also shown that at the present stage of the antenna technique development the main attention should be paid to creation of principally new antenna production technologies and new materials the using of which changes sufficiently electric and mass-overall characteristics of the antennas.

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