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To the Problem of Providing the Electromagnetic Safety in the Branch «Svyaz»


Y.I. Kolchugin

The problems of electromagnetic safety provision for "Communication" department, concerned with mass introduction of digital technologies for the population and on working places surveyed on the basis of a security system of department. The fundamental features of digital broadcasting signals that should be considered in development of hygienic requirements briefly surveyed. The electromagnetic safety provision system of department is described, including its fundamental principles, base and supporting technologies. In the context of development of the system necessity in following actions is substantiated: - Perfecting of the actual normative and methodical basis for provision of electromagnetic safety of radio transmitting equipment taking into account the digital signal features. - Development and introduction of new normative and methodical documents regulating electromagnetic fields of different radio frequencies on working places and in places of personnel temporary residence. Attention paid to necessity of supporting technologies developing – modern software and education in the area of electromagnetic safety. The success of in this line of investigation is noticed. For example, the “Program complex for electromagnetic environment analysis” application suite that is developed in Samara Branch Research Institute of Radio continues to remain an asked-for software product for as much time as for 10 years. It is noticed that the lack of financing is the principal problem of electromagnetic safety provision system of “Communication” department development in the current conditions.
May 29, 2020

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