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The Design of Air Purification High Efficiency Systems in Rooms of Antenna Painting: Problems, Typical Errors and Solution Methods


E.V. Bondar, I.A. Koloyarov

In this work, development of air purification systems for antenna coloring chambers problem is viewed. Coloring work is the integral part of the antenna-feeder systems (AFS) manufacturing process. A variety of manual and automated coloring issues are applied now: dipping, pouring, spraying, electrodeposition and other. Reasoning from overall size of transmitters and reflectors that form AFS, a compressed-air coloring with use of a hand sprayer is most suitable for them. Authors stated a few aspects of a combined influx and extract ventilation system for a coloring chamber developing process with general peculiarities of colored items considered (including their designing and installation) and based on the experience accumulated in our enterprise. During coloring work execution, air on a working site and its surroundings become polluted by vapors of volatile matters and paint dust. Sometimes a concentration of harmful substances can exceed a maximum permissible one. Most of solvents and enamels can have an adverse effect on human. That is why coloring chamber is considered to be detrimental to be an unhealthy trade in which safe work conditions can be achieved only by using of rational technology in combination with effective plumbing, main of which is appropriate ventilation organization. The main function of a combined influx and extract ventilation system is to keep harmful extractions on a working area at a level that does not exceed a maximum permissible one. One of peculiarities of coloring chamber combined influx and extract ventilation is that polluted air is removed directly from a coloring post or from coloring facilities. When coating is spread, an air drained off undergoes purification and paint dust is removed. Choosing and designing of ventilation suction devise constructions are made in accordance with work process organization, coloring method, composition of paintwork materials and nature of colored items. In authors opinion, designing of coloring chamber combined influx and extract ventilation system should be coupled with enclosed chamber design that will result in creation of a high-effective coloring chamber ensuring a laying of paintwork coating with accordance to sanitary hygiene and fire safety regulations.

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