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Quasi-Distributed Inductive and Capacitive Elements of HF Transmitting Antenna-Feeder Chains Modeling on the Basis of Equivalent Circuits


V.A. Bragnikov

This work is dedicated to quasi-distributed inductive and capacitive elements of antenna-feeder tracks transmitting in decameter range modeling based on the equivalent circuits. Quasi-distributed nature of elements in powerful antenna-feeder tracks creates a lot of problems during the design process. It seems that most effective method for solving these problems is using of equivalent circuits for elements, which are characterized by quite a little number of frequency-independent parameters and quite precisely reflect actual characteristics. General principles of element modeling are viewed. Electrodynamic modeling of elements conducted concurrently and for standard elements. In this problem two aspects are selected: two-staged equivalent circuit synthesis process and necessity in rational classification of modeled elements for the purpose of typical variants of their construction detection. Classification of elements was made. First of all, a variety of modeled elements was divided into two general classes – inductive and capacitive elements. For inductive elements following classification criterions were assigned: solenoid wires form criterion, type of connection circuit criterion, location relative to screen. Capacitive elements were classified by connection circuit type. Structural synthesis for equivalent circuits of elements was made. Examples of equivalent circuits of elements for the different types of connection were given. Approaches to variant elements implementation typification and to associated database structure design were substantiated. Overall number of typical variants of inductive and capacitive elements implementation was estimated. A certain circuit type with set of parameter values defined that can be obtained from a common database corresponds to each of these variants. On this basis, in each certain case a full synthesis of equivalent circuits of elements is accomplished, that include definition of circuit type and numerical values of its parameters.
May 29, 2020

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