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About Fractal Antennas as Base Station Antennas for Mobile Communication


I.A. Koloyarov, A.D. Krasilnikov

The article is dedicated to a new promising direction in engineering of antennas - fractal antennas having unique properties, particularly broadbandness and multibandness, and also they are substantially smaller and lighter in weight, in comparison to classic wire vibrators. Usage of fractal geometry in antenna constructing allows to realize broadband and multiband properties effectively thanks to self-similarity and diminutiveness of structure. The diversity of regular fractal set types makes new structural and electrodynamic features available in antenna design. In the article the brief survey of the most investigated fractal structures in the antenna engineering is conducted. The authors conducted electrodynamic simulation analysis of two wire antenna types: on the basis of Caley and Minkowski regular fractal structures that are most often met in the literature. It shown, that the fractal antennas on the basis of the Caley tree and Minkowski structure have multiband properties. At alteration of a Caley tree based antenna excitation point not only variation of the directional diagram shape occurs, but also a variation of band properties. The Minkowski fractal structure based antenna in particular frequency bands has a quasidirected radiation characteristic that successfully can be used for mobile terminals of non-stationary radio communication systems. Thus, the results of research of some regular structure based fractal antenna types has shown a possibility to make multiple-frequency band antennas having the smaller dimensional characteristics and a capability to change a radiation pattern shape and op-erating frequency band at variation of a feeding point location.
May 29, 2020

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