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Aspects of Application of Hybrid Electrodynamic Analysis Methods for Evaluation of Radar Target Radio-Visibility


M.A. Buzova, M.A. Minkin, V.V. Yudin

Issues on combined methods of electrodynamic analysis application for solution of target radiolocation characteristics calculation problems are viewed in this work. Problems of military objects acquisition probability minimization do not losing their actuality for a lot of years. At the same time it is obvious that it is necessary to have a capability to calculate general radiolocation characteristics with a high precision first of all. It is the authors’ opinion that among a general radiolocation characteristics there are an absolute cross-section and a radiation pattern of diffused field. The first one characterizes an ability of object to diffuse electromagnetic waves in average in all directions, the second one – in a given direction. In the work a brief overview of existing methods of diffusion characteristics determination is given as well as overview of program products on based on these methods. It is shown that increasing of precision and adequacy of electrodynamic modeling of radiolocation target can be achieved by using combined methods of electrodynamic analysis. Depending on the types of diffusers presented on an object, a combined method based on Fredholm equations of first and second kind for analysis of diffusion on systems of thin and thick wires can be applied; combined method based on surface integral equations and physical optics for analysis of diffusion on electrically lengthy surface diffusers; combined method based on Fredholm equations of first and second kinds, two-dimensional integral equations and physical-optical models for analysis of diffusion on complicated objects. Proposed approach has several advantages. Firstly, a considered object is analyzed as a whole, with the regard for all mutual relations between its components that are analyzed by using different methods. Secondly, in place of asymptotic methods, integral equations method which is strict in its starting formulation is used for analysis of diffusion on an object’s discontinuities. These advantages allow achieving of higher precision in object’s radiolocation characteristics calculations with acceptable expenditure of computational resource. In addition, viewed combined methods allow taking into account electrophysical characteristics of reflective and absorbing surfaces as well as underlying terrain and surrounding surfaces comparatively precisely.
May 29, 2020

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