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Two Approaches to the Calculation of Characteristics of a Circular Shielded Ferrite Waveguide


A. A. Denisenko, A. V. Nazarov, S. B. Raevskii

A circular waveguide filled with a longitudinally magnetized ferrite medium – circular shielded ferrite waveguide – is considered. The statement of the boundary electrodynamic problem for this guiding structure is presented. The boundary problem is solved with two methods – method of the differential equation shortening and modified Galerkin’s method. It’s shown that the form of dispersion characteristics obtained with two mentioned methods is qualitatively identical. The critical fre-quencies of propagating modes agree with fine precision. The dispersion characteristics of complex waves calculated on the basis of the modified Galerkin’s method also qualitatively agree with those which obtained with the method of the differential equation shortening. Only the frequency ranges of these waves existence some differ because of approximate fulfillment of boundary conditions in the modified Galerkin’s method. Carried out researches allow to draw a conclusion that spectra of modes obtained in the solving of the boundary problem for the circular shielded ferrite waveguide with two examined methods are identical. Consequently, application of the differential equation shortening procedure, at least for the circular shielded ferrite waveguide, does not lead to the missing of the boundary problem solutions
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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