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Development of Multifunctional Integrated Radio-Electronic Systems Technology for Complex of the Onboard Equipment of Airships


S.A. Mochalov

In clause the urgency is considered and substantive provisions of technology of synthesis of the multipurpose integrated radio-electronic sys-tems (MIRES), constructed on the basis of is active-passive antenna lattices (APAL), in structure of whom complex of the onboard equipment (COE) flying devices (FD) are offered. The important reserve of the sanction of the contradiction between requirements to MIRES and their opportunities is optimization of distribution had weight-dimensional resource (WDR) between the elements of system solving problems of a radar-location, radio engineering investigations and radio-electronic suppression in different frequency ranges. Two basic approaches to optimization of complex systems are allocated. One is based on the parallel (simultaneous) decision of a problem of synthesis at all levels of the description to those. The second is based on consecutive (on levels of the description) the decision of a problem of synthesis with gradual specification of result that simplifies calculations. The carried out analysis of construction COE has allowed to draw a conclusion on the expediency of use of the combined technological scheme of synthesis MIRES including technology of consecutive synthesis upper level systems to level COE inclusive, and technology of mixed series-parallel synthesis МIRES and its elements. The special attention is given to the description of carried out procedures at realization of the offered technology, development of necessary methodical device. It is noticed that a priority on the first iteration of synthesis is placing of systems, distribution between them general WDR COE, and also defi-nition of sectors of independent synthesis. For the decision of the given problem the concept of «units» - places of traditional accommodation of the equipment on FD is entered, the arrangement and which sizes define restrictions on weight, volume of the equipment, the area and li-near time-measure of the aerials placed in it. The first iteration of synthesis by distribution WDR of each «unit» between sectors and systems comes to the end, and also formation preliminary requirements to MIRES. It is shown, that the primary goal of the second iteration of synthesis consists in optimization of distribution allocated within the limits of each «unit» and everyone spatial sector WDR MIRES between the elements solving problems of a radar-location, radio engineering investigations and radio-electronic suppression in various frequency ranges, and also between the constructive units which are a part of system. As criterion optimization it is offered to use a maximum of efficiency of the decision set of the problems of a supply with information of application of the weapon and defense FD, solved MIRES. The methodical device is developed, allowing to estimate alternative variants of the systems, differing distribution of a had resource. Results, which are received on the second iteration of synthesis specifications form a basis of updating of re-quirements to MIRES, specifications of distribution of a resource between systems and specifications of accommodation of systems on FD. Procedures of the third iteration of the synthesis, carried out, for specification of the general result, with use of the corrected data, repeat procedures of the second iteration. The example of representation received with application developed software product of results of synthesis MIRES, testifying about working capacity of the offered technology is in summary resulted, are drawn conclusions about practical application
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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