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The Nonlinear Signal Processing for Interference Suppression in the Receiving Section of Radio Electronic Systems


V.G. Valeev, I.N. Kornilov

The work given investigates the technical decisions for nonlinear interference suppression in the radio electronic system receivers and their ef-ficiency is shown also on practical examples. The technical decisions are based on the asymptotic optimal algorithm of signals detection against background non-Gaussian interference for band-pass coherent processing signal sections. Cancellers for interferences with Rice envelope distribution are proved as single-channel compensators. Application efficiency is shown for one of variants of these compensators for suppression powerful similar to signal interference in the GLONASS signals navigational receiver. Acquired in this example data define also noise-immunity of the navigational receiver with considered compensator and for another wide-band Rice interference too. Application possibility of the considered compensator is researched also for suppression powerful narrow-band interference in the form of Gaussian noise. It is shown that we may take suppression to 20 dB at the interference band amount to 5% from the spectrum width of useful signal at the input signal to noise ratio 40 dB. The information about central frequency and interference spectrum width for its suppression is unnecessary in that case. Research is carried out by modeling using Matlab.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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