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Radiowave Backscattering from Sea Surface Influence on Terahertz Radar Effiсiency


V.G. Gutnik, V.N. Gorobets, Yu.V.Goncharenko, S.M. Zotov

This article is devoted the investigations of microwave backscattering from sea surface in the case of remote sensing. The basic models description of energy characteristics of radio wave backscattering from sea surface are presented, taking into account sea wave breaking. Using this model, the level of disturbances from sea surface on terahertz radar system is obtained. Numerical estimation of Doppler selection effectivity in the case of specular parasitic reflection from the sea is also obtained. It is shown, that application optimal Doppler selection system in the terahertz radar allows to decrease the noise level and, therefore, to enhance the detection characteristics and improve the accuracy of coordinates determination. The recommendations for exploitation of millimeter waveband radar operating under hampering reflection from the sea surface and breaking sea waves are presented.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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