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Non-Bynary Multithreshold Decoders and Other Error-Correction Methods in Symbolical Data


N.A. Kuznetsov, V.V. Zolotarev, G.V. Ovechkin, P.V. Ovechkin

The article deals with main modern non-binary codes and algorithms of their decoding. They are Reed-Solomon codes, non-binary low-density parity-check codes and non-binary self-orthogonal codes, decoded with non-binary multithreshold decoder (qMTD). We shown the non-binary multithreshold decoders (qMTD) of self-orthogonal codes are the best by performance and complexity ratio. qMTD with linear implementation complexity provide in hundreds times better correcting ability than Reed-Solomon codes which have much more imple-mentation complexity. It is shown non-binary low-density parity-check codes provide impressive performance. However complexity of its decoding depends of the alphabet size. As a result using of these codes with large symbols is difficultly. It’s discussed capability of non-binary codes application for protection of files against errors in data storage systems. We shown the using software based on qMTD for this purpose often allows to provide better level of protection and higher speed of coding and decoding simultaneously than analogs. Additional advantage of the software qMTD is capability of correction as bursts of errors as independent errors.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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