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Module Principle Development of Ved Pumping-Out Technological Processes


Ya. V. Perevoznikova, V. I. Voronin, G. V. Konushkov

The object of the research is the technological process of VED pumping-out in a chamber due to the module principle. Is to develop unification methods of the VED technological multi-nomenclature section pumping-out processes. This technological process of pumping-out is divided into simple operations-modules for definite functional purposes. The modules of the same duties according to the structure are unified and tabulated in the library which is used for organizing a technological process of any VED pumping-out. For achieving the goal the following theoretical investigations have been conducted: a typical VED pumping-out technological process has been developed; a module principle for technological pre-starting of computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) pumping-out has been developed. It means that pumping-out technology is divided into several simple operations-modules universal to their structure and functional characteristics: the developed pumping-out CAM methods allow to use effectively one and the same CAM for servicing multi-nomenclature section for any VED without readjusting equipment and reprogramming; the algorithm for VED pumping-out technological process has been offered. It allows cutting down expenditure of both manpower and energy for the process optimization.

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