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The Metodic of Construction of Radial Speeds and Accelerations Dynamic Models of Pair the Air Targets Flying in the Close Battle Order, Considering Their Maneuver in Pair and by Pair Structure


Bogdanov, А.V., Filonov, A.A., Chistilin, A.U., Pavlov, V.I., Ibrahim, A.K.

The metodic of construction of radial speeds and accelerations dynamic models (DM) of flight of dense pair air targets (AT), considering their manoeuvre in pair and by pair structure. In a basis of development of the given DM, as well as in development of DM of stationary flight of pair AT, used experimental initial data in a kind of trajectory statistical characteristics (TSC)of the signals reflected from real maneuvering pair AT, received in the course of flying-experimental researches (FER), related with registration of the radar-tracking signals reflected from real AT, and their processing on the basis of the narrow-band spectral and correlation analysis

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