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Methodology of modeling transients in single-cycle cascade of bipolar transistors


A.G. Chertanovskiy

In this paper we developed methodologies for modeling transients in single-cycle stages of bipolar transistors. The introduction is selected and justified method of calculation. As selected by the method of modified Kirchhoff's rules. The advantage of this method is that it operation to the solution of algebraic equations are replaced by the operations of forming character expressions. The mission statement formulated and justified by the purpose and objectives of the work. Formulated the following objectives: 1. Develop a methodology for calculating circuits with degenerate controlled current source, as by IPC such a task without any conversion scheme can not be resolved. 2. Develop a system of coefficients of the transition to an operator to eliminate images of division operations, which arise for the conductivity and capacitance. 3. Develop a system of factors forming the inverse Laplace transforms to obtain the originals in a symbolic form. 4. Develop a piecewise linear model of the bipolar transistor, taking into account the cutoff modes, active mode and saturation mode. 5. Develop algorithm. Then solve tasks: 1. Using the method of the IPC can not expect the scheme to degenerate branches without conversion. The problem of calculating the chains with degenerate current-controlled current source is solved using the developed technique of forming character expressions, which is based on the theorem of singular sources of compensation equivalent resistances. 2. In calculating the transition operator method, the transition from the algebraic expressions obtained by the modified rules of the Kirchhoff operator to the images developed a system of transition coefficients, which allows the division operation to replace the multiplication by the transformation of algebraic expressions in the operator image. 3. For the inverse Laplace transform in a symbolic form factors proposed system, which is based on the theorem of decomposition, with those proposed method allows to form the originals in a symbolic form of a clear algorithm. 4. We propose a piecewise linear model of the bipolar transistor. It allows you to simulate the three basic modes of operation of bipolar transistors: mode cutoff, the active mode and saturation mode 5. An algorithm for calculation of transients in cascades of bipolar transistors.

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