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The Spatial signal processing in single-channel receiver for Radio Monitoring


V.N. Pickin, A.Yu. Zamouriy

Space-time processing of signals for a task of radio monitoring is considered. For solution of the given task the carried reception of a signal of a source of a signal is used. The variant when the main receiving antenna is allocated in a controllable room is considered, and the reference receiving antenna is allocated out of its space. The offered method of space-time processing of signals allows saving advantages of a two-channel receiver in single tuner. The method essence consists that the signal accepted simultaneously in several space dot of space by distributed antenna system passed through the high-speed RF switch will be transformed to the group signal having structure of time-division multiplexing which is exposed to processing (amplifying, filtering, digitization etc.) in an one-channel receiver and digital signal processing module. Are presented the equations which will allow estimate a width of band of the instant analysis of an accepted signal depending on parameters of space-time processing. It is proved that from a group received signal it is possible to restore the original forms of signals accepted by distributed antenna system. It will raise reliability of detection and identification of sources of a signal within inspection zone in real time.

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