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Study radar-optical range finder with current correcting the forecast


I.V. Zabelin, M.S. Zakharov, A.A. Ermolenko

Article is devoted research of efficiency of functioning of a radar-tracking optical range finder with flowing the condition forecast not simultaneously coming measurements. Into a complex of researches entered: simulation model of laws of change of phase coordinates of the purpose; results of their measurements and algorithms estimation in received radar-tracking an optical range finder with reception of indicators of its efficiency. Potential accuracy of formation of estimations, real accuracy concerned efficiency indicators estimation and speed functioning of algorithm of a filtration at working off of initial errors of capture. Input of researches comparison on real accuracy of the developed algorithm with algorithms of functioning of a radar-tracking optical range finder has been spent at simultaneous arrival of measurements with different cycle times to the purpose. The results received within the limits of researches allow to draw a conclusion on high efficiency offered алгоритма functioning of a radar-tracking optical range finder with current correction of the forecast at various times to the coming measurements, allowing steadily and with high accuracy to accompany air targets at any combination of time of arrival of measurements from radar and ОЭC.

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