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Techniques of Aviation Telecommunication System Advancing in Air Traffic Control


L.M. Vdovin

The basic information environment for realisation of service and the organisation of air movement at performance of flights of civil aircraft are networks of aviation telecommunication (ATN), having various architecture both using various reports and information interchange procedures. Now ATN represents complex system with quickly growing quantity of co-operating objects (aircrafts, land systems, airlines, agencies etc.) and high rates of growth of volume of the traffic. Thereof existing networks and systems cannot provide to the full the requirement of users on quality of service, time of delivery of the information, reliability and noise immunity of telecommunication. Application of multimode land station will allow: 1) to increase number of served air courts with the various onboard equipment of a line of data transmission on the channel "air-earth" at the expense of constant tracking presence and level of radio signals in channels, uses of procedures of scanning (in the absence of a radio signal in the corresponding channel) in flexible re-tone and wide band receivers and transmitters of channels of the basic and reserve land stations; 2) operatively to change operating modes (kinds of modulation and speed of transfer) owing to their program realisation, not changing structure and structure of multimode land station; 3) if necessary to increase number of communication channels by installation of additional modules; 4) modules of multimode land station are typical (unified), that will reduce terms of commissioning and cost.

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