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The Structural and Parametrical Optimization of Mobile Radio Networks


N.V. Novikov, V.R. Milov, V.V. Alekseev, A.A. Sevrukov

One of the major stages of portable radio networks design is a system network planning. Different architectural solutions, parameter values and equipment configurations are based of the size of predicted radio coverage areas. Coverage areas are formed by comparison of desired and calculated levels of the radio reliability. As any receiving equipment has the minimal recognizable value of field strength signal, the reliability can be represented as probability that the predicted field strength signal in the point of receiver exceeds this value. Radio coverage area can be represented as amount of points in each of them the reliability of radio exceeds the required minimum. Both “downstream” and “upstream” signals are included into calculation. Portable radio network coverage area is a combination of coverage areas of included stations. Design of portable radio network should guarantee that the radio reliability level for the particular area is large enough. The quality of the design can be evaluated using the square of area which must be covered with the desired radio reliability level but not covered yet. However if the particular area is divided into subareas with different desired radio reliability levels this integral criterion can not be used. To solve this issue new radio coverage quality assessment method which can satisfy all the specific portable radio networks requirements has been suggested. The problem of a system network planning of portable radio communications has been formulated. The solution consists of new approach to number of stations determining, locating stations and equipment parameters choosing. The developed algorithms have been implemented in the software application which can increase automation level and reduce a cost of portable radio networks design by decreasing number of optimally located and tuned stations.

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