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Simulation and Analysis of Frequency Stabilizing System of Compact Mobile He-Ne laser


A. I. Pikhtelev, N. A. Pikhtelev, G. B. Gavryushin

Compact mobile frequency stabilized He-Ne laser are developed. This laser are used in transportable absolute ballistic laser gravimeter. The automatic frequency control system (frequency stabilizing system) to atomic spectrum line by means of thermal expansion of resonator of laser are used in this He-Ne laser. The results of analysis and simulation of frequency stabilizing system of compact mobile He-Ne laser are presented in this article. The descriptions of basic parts of laser frequency stabilizing system and the results of simulation of this system and laser on the whole in linear and non-linear operating modes are described. Good accordance of theory and experiment are achieved. This automatic frequency control system show its high reliability and small relative frequency error (10-8) during many years of exploitation (more than 6 years). The recommendations for further improvement of characteristics of frequency stabilizing system are obtained.

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