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Autocorrelation functions of radar-tracking signals with one-voice-frequency (multivoice-frequency) angular modulation


V. I. Gomozov, A. I. Nikolaev

Expressions for autocorrelation functions of the multifrequency signals formed at the expense of one-voice-frequency or multivoice-frequency angular modulation of initial fluctuation of any form are received. Features of autocorrelation functions of such signals on an example of a multifrequency signal with partial linearly-frequency-modulated (LFM) the radio impulses, re-ceived by one-voice-frequency and two-tone angular modulation initial LFM a radio impulse are considered. Sections autocorrelation function on time, diagrams of uncertainty and a general view of a body of uncertainty for a multifrequency signal with partial LFM radio impulses are resulted at various parameters of modulation.

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