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Methodological support of perspective automation means complex design (VI)


V.G. Belenkov

In article consideration of questions of the construction of perspective automation means complexes (AMC) proceeds. Thus the basic attention is concentrated to methodical questions of the estimation in the conditions of high uncertainty of similarity (similarity and distinction) its structural elements, considered as objects of the complex system which is in «an aggressive» environment. In article are formulated the Statements how professionals distinguish objects among similar objects, how divide them into classes and order on affinity to classes intuitively using «a numerical integrated indicator» (NII). In a concrete sphere of activity its participant can estimate justice of Statements, proceeding from personal experience. Typical problems of an estimation of similarity of objects with use of a scale of values the NII are defined (further of a scale of the NII). These are problems of definition with use the NII of gravitation of objects:  to a class on adjacent with this class intervals of a scale the NII;  to one of classes, adjacent with one interval of a scale the NII. Proceeding from the formulated Statements it is shown that in the course of successful teamwork professionals intuitively distinguish not only the base objects corresponding to adjacent classes, but also the objects, which NII are equally spaced from these classes on a scale the NII. For the specified typical problems areas of an interval of a scale the NII, an accessory to which object NII are estimated equally by professionals, as gravitation of object to one of classes. To areas levels – gradation of qualitative differences of objects from base objects of the corresponding classes, forming a scale of qualitative differences are compared. On the basis of the offered approach to an estimation of similarity of objects of complex systems the explanation of the structural property of difficult systems of the various physical nature revealed in practice is offered, it is quantity of levels of the organization, at division on which the difficult system can be considered as consisting of components similar to it (structural elements, etc.) without qualitative change of the approach to their consideration. It can make to 15 levels (15 levels of the organization is invariant of structure of complex system). The formulated approach to comparison of components of difficult systems is not caused neither the physical nature, nor features of construction or application of systems and their components. It can be used for an estimation of similarity of the structural elements of AS described in the previous articles, such as AW, Complexes, AMC and other objects of AS, by their comparison, as a whole, and under separately taken technical decision. Thus at the heart of comparability with use the NII of structural elements the AS abilities of the professional at intuitive level lie to state an integrated estimation of conformity to their interests of set (ensemble) of quantity and quality properties of these structural elements. The approach can be used in the conditions of high uncertainty (insufficiency of the aprioristic information on automated processes and problems and about automation area as a whole) during studying of structural elements the AS at perfor-mance of the research work, at predesign stages at formation of technical offers and requirements to them, and also on early design stages the AS.

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