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Brief overview of materials of 8th school-workshop of Sibecrypt’09


V. M. Fomichev

General characteristics of scientific school-workshops “Computer security and cryptography”—SIBECRYPT with international participation are given. The school-workshops are held by Tomsk State University in different places of South Siberia annually at the beginning of September. The aim of the school-workshop is consideration of fundamental mathematical challenges of cryptography and information security in computer systems and networks, an interchange with scientific results on developing of theoretical fundamentals and creation of soft- and hardware tools for computer security. Mathematical and cryptographic directions including computer security dominate among topics of the school-workshop. Scientific background of reports is based upon discrete mathematics problems that arise in computer security and cryptology. School-workshop’s areas of focus are enumerated. Brief overview of materials of school-workshop in Omsk in 2009 is given. List of 7 performed plenary reports and list of 8 sections, where section reports were performed, are presented. Reference to source that includes detailed information is given.

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