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Analysis of Photopletismogram with Use of Code Messages


A.F. Rybochkin, S.V. Saveliev, L.V. Pleskanos

The work shows possibility of analysis filling by blood of vessels of the top finitenesses on the basis of the acoustic analyzer with use binary coding. Photopletosmogram have been removed from volunteers before and after functional test, have been written with frequency of digitization of 200 Hz. Then these files have been transformed to a format «*.WAV», frequency of digitization has been increased because the acoustic analyzer is not calculated on work below 150 Hz. Speed of reproduction of WAV-files (photopletosmogram) has been increased in 40 times. The acoustic analyzer of signals has been applied to the analysis such transformed photopletosmograms with use of four narrow-band frequency filters adjusted on frequencies 230±15 Hz, 290±15 Hz, 360±15 Hz, 410±15 Hz. The signals from filters were detected and compared in pairs in the comparators unit. Comparators unit outputs binary codes, which has word length Сn2. Further the observable sequence of binary codes will be transformed to sequence of octal codes, which will be transformed in sequence of images of spectra, which will be transformed in sequence of square matrixes dimension n*n, with which application the diagnostic matrix dimension n2*L, where L duration of the analysis, i.e. quantity of code messages is under construction. Code messages can characterise states of haemodynamics and adaptive potential at usage of system of recogni-tion with the teacher.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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