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The Complex Fuzzy Models of the Psychoemotional Pressure in Controlling of Activity and Human State


N.A. Korenevsky, A.P. Bashkirev, A.V. Nosov, S.A. Filist

The aim of work is the forecasting and handling of operator’s successful activity on basis of controlling of activity time and fuzzy complex estimation of pschoemotional pressure (PEP) in dynamics of activity. The simultaneous accounting of PEP level and time of maintaining of its in the set range during the solving of different types of applied problems is carried out by the analysis of behavior of subjects of inquiry (people whose PEP is fixed) on plane which X-line is time ‘t’ of fixings PEP and Y-line is its level (UP). PEP was estimated by fuzzy aggregation of the psychological factor, physiological factor and attention indicators. The data characterizing the success of activity were approximated by a surface in the three-dimensional space which projections of sections allowed to separate zones on plane Q in co-ordinates “PEP – time” corresponding to classes of success of activity. The spatial curve L defining the trajectory of change of the activity quality indicator in time represents the line of crossing of two surfaces and the second surface (plane R) is perpendicular to plane Q. It is necessary to define coordinates of normal vector N(A,B) that is laying in the plane Q to set the trajectory of activity L. The projection to plane Q is a straight line defined by two points (0, UP0) and (tк, UPК) where UP0 – initial value of psychoemotional pressure of the operator, tк – activity time, UPК – finite value of psychoemotional pressure of the operator. The optimizing functional permitting to choose the trajectory that provides the maximum quantity of activity from set of possible trajectories is offered. The observation of trajectory of coordinate moving that characterizes the state of subject of inquiry in the plane “PEP – time” allows to solve problems of forecasting of success of performed work, level of health etc. Methods of a biological feedback and reflexotherapy are used for the controlling of the psychoemotional status in the beginning and in the end of activity.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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