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The Modeling of Risk of the Cardiovascular Diseases on Basis of Complex Analysis of Pulse-Wave Signal


A.A. Kuzmin, Abdalla Babiker Dafalla, V.M. Brodsky

The searching of new information technologies for forecasting of cardiovascular diseases of the person and also new markers of diseases risk is urgent in the modern world. The close attention of scientists is attracted to elastic properties of vessels. If there are sclerosis plaques then turbulent swirls of blood stream in arterial vessels make the specific sound. That sound can be registered by special detectors and can be processed for the purpose of extraction of the specific information. Parameters of elastic properties of arterial vessels quite strongly correlated with atherosclerotic involvement of vessels. That can allow to predict the risk of cardiovascular diseases by means of monitoring of elastic properties of vessels carried out by means of acoustic detectors. During the registration of acoustic signals there was made the decision to use short-term arterial occlusion for the increasing of ratio signal/noise in low frequency range. It was established during the spectrum analysis of acoustic oscillations of radial artery in different groups of people that the spectral composition of oscillations in different groups is significant in range from 4 to 10 Hz. Two target groups, people with atherosclerosis and healthy young students, were researched for modeling of risk of cardiovascular diseases on basis of complex analysis of pulse-wave. Feature space consisted of such characteristics as pulse-wave velocity, relative ratios of spectrum analysis of artery’s acoustic oscillations and the measure of systolic pressure was made. The dependence of risk of cardiovascular diseases in suggested feature space was made as a result of regression analysis of experimental data.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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