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Multifrequent Impedance Measurement with Multielectrode Matrix


O.I. Belozerov, Derhim Ali Kabus Kassim, V.A. Aleksenko

In this work the mode of detection of a virus infection contamination, founded on the assaying of results of gauging of a complex impedance in a wide frequency range of a sounding current using multielectrode matrix is observed. For decision making about statement of the diagnosis the method of determining of statistical lines of allocating of a random variable by results of sampling observation uses. In given article as the device for multifrequent gauging a complex impedance with which help experimental data have been obtained is observed. In an assay value of these data bar graphs of allocating of frequency of emersions of a defined value of an impedance on concrete frequency with which help frequencies of a sounding current on which sharp separation of bunch of infected people and is possible to receive bunches not infected have been revealed builted. Received results allow to recommend the further probes of dependence of an impedance of a biological cloth from frequency of a sounding current for various virus infection contaminations and as to make the deciding rule allowing univocal to attach a code to presence of a pathology.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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