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Application of Atomic Function up(x) to the Problems of Antenna synthesis


V.F. Kravchenko, O.V. Kravchenko, A.R. Safin

Atomic function applications in antennas synthesis problems are considered. Computation algorithms of antenna arrays calculations based on atomic function for 1D and 2D are investigated. Physical parameters of those antenna arrays were compared with classical calculated by Tchebyshev method. Opportunities of their using in digital signal processing are discussed. In practice, often have to solve the problem of synthesis of antennas when the shape of the radiation pattern (RP) does not play a major role, and come to the fore demands for certain parameters of RP. These requirements are desirable to do so in this functional class of synthetic antenna had the best physical characteristics. The task: finding a field distribution in the aperture which at a given level of side-lobe level (SLL) will provide a minimum width of the RP or conversely for a given width will provide a minimum SLL. In practice use the optimal Tchebyshev approximation of RP. This approach has some drawbacks. For example, in the event of large amplitudes of the current distribution at the edges of the lattice of their practical implementation is very laborious. Therefore, to address the deficiencies need to use weight functions. The purpose of work is to study the application of atomic function in the problems of antenna synthesis.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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