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Statistical Model of the Laser Radiation Reflected from an Array of Cube Corner Reflectors, Placed on a Space Vehicle


A. N. Karhov

From positions of statistical optics characteristics of the laser radiation reflected from an array of cube corner reflectors, placed on a space vehicle for a case when duration of coherent probing impulses exceeds the spatial depth of the array are considered. The reflected radiation has an expressed speckle character. The Speckle picture of reflected radiation moves to planes of reception station according to change of angles of slope of the array of cube corner reflectors. The statistical characteristics of reflected radiation caused by not ideal arrangement of cube corner reflectors relative to the plane of the array are obtained. It is shown that for an array with a great number of cube corner reflectors the density of probability of distribution of an exposition of radiation corresponds to the exponential probability density function that is typical for speckle phenomena. The spatial correlation functions of an exposition and stochastic function of its spatial modulation for periodic structure of an arrangement of cube corner reflectors are obtained. For the set law of change of slope angles of the array (t) the time correlation function describing time correlation of reflected radiation is deduced from correlation function of spatial modulation. The statistics of photoelectrons of the radiation registered at station is investigated. Numbers of the photoelectrons registered by station corresponds to Bose-Einstein distribution that is typical for speckle phenomena.

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