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Motion Blurs Electronic Correction for Scanning Optical-Electronic System


N.N. Vasilyuk

The problem of image motion blur correction in scanning optical-electronic systems for the purpose of improvement of capability of these systems to detect point airborne targets is considered in this article. Problem consideration begins with construction of mathematical image motion blur model for the optical-mechanical scanners with steering mirrors. As an example two possible designs of such scanners are considered. On the basis of the model derived above parameters of distributions densities of length and direction of point target image motion blur are calculated. These parameters are the initial data for synthesis of bank of correcting FIR-filters. With the aid of these filters the negative motion blur consequences are eliminated. The numerical indicator of efficiency of motion blur correction is entered. Distribution density plots of this efficiency indicator for two considered scanner designs show advantages of considered algorithm of motion blur correction in comparison with classical point target detection al-gorithm.

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