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Optoelectronic System for Daytime Space Object Imaging on Stellar Background


I.Z. Avzalov, Yu.V. Bazhanov, P.A. Bakut, M.Yu. Berezentsev, A.N. Karpov, Z.M. Malisheva, V.D. Shargorodski, Yu.P. Shumilov

The presented daylight optoelectronic system consists of two parts: MWIR space object observing channel and NIR reference channel for simultaneous acquisition of the stars in the field of view. The developed mirror optical system has some advantages such as absence of central screening and chromatic aberrations, in contrary to the classical schemes with lens compensators. This system provides high image quality, small distortion and also a combination of the exiting pupil with the camera cold shield. Compared with the analogue, there is a reduced number of aspherical surfaces in our system. The channels are divided by a dichroic coating on one of the elements. Calculations show that it is possible to acquire the space object at a 1000 km distance applying the optimal image processing algorithm. The NIR reference channel theoretically allows to observe more than three stars in one square degree. By means of acquiring stars in the field of view it is possible to accumulate the signal from the object and define its precise coordinates.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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